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At the end of the year to achieve the overall profit margins how much?
"Play cards, some people rely on luck, it was by the skills, a short time to win, rely on luck; want to win the general, you have to rely on skills." City freight o2o platform Lara founder Zhou Shengfu, is such a Removed from the "casino" professional Texas poker hand, and one is doing seven years, during which earned the pours.

At the end of the year to achieve the overall profit margins how much?

City freight o2o platform goods Lara founder Zhou Shengfu

In 2014, Zhou Shengfu cargo luggage into the Mainland, as the city's freight market, a "player", in fact, at this time the city freight has 58 speed, blue rhinoceros, No. 1 cargo and other entry, the market also Such as a card, the players clenched their own chips, licensing, licensing potential, opponents have been in place, brand proud of whether he is also "yard" proud

In fact, into the 2017, broke into the Mainland two or three years of goods pulled has opened nearly 100 cities, and at home and abroad "hands" attack. "This year's goal is to achieve the company's overall profit at the end of the year, compared with last year, eight times." It seems that the long game "veteran" in the yard is still well-thought-out, then his hands pull the bargaining chip is what? How much is the odds

Out of the card: "ruthless" "quasi" "stable"

In 2016, the whole market after experiencing capital winter, devastated. In January 2017, goods pulled into a few companies to get financing. At present, the goods Lala platform has reached millions of registered drivers, users more than 10 million, the daily order volume reached 100,000 +.

As of June, the goods have been opened in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other nearly 100 mainland cities, basically reached a second line and economically active third-line, four-city coverage, while in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan 5 cities Also opened a business.

"We are in a living position, which proves the strength." Asked in the reporter, the goods in the industry where the position, he said so. In fact, the same is true, the city freight market from 2014 hundreds of "players" to live now has been very few, the goods pull not only survive, but also wind and water.

At the end of the year to achieve the overall profit margins how much?

This will benefit from Zhou Shengfu's insight into the situation and the timing of the judge. Well versed in "brand" rules, he every time the timing of the card to grasp the strategic changes are likely to pull the goods pull "back to life."

For Zhou Shengfu, every time the cards are neat and decisive, the timing seems to be appropriate benefits. In the Internet + city with just dawn, he can quickly respond, will accumulate assets for many years realized, cut into the market, occupation of the initiative.

In 2016 at the same time in the same city freight subsidies quagmire, the market to see the false prosperity of the market, decisively with the team to change the strategy, fled the burning war, focusing on customer service polished; "the second half of the logistics season, we have to Six months to complete the expansion of the target city to complete the number of ", get the money, Zhou Shengfu also did not hesitate to quickly start the city's expansion. From his style of doing things can be seen, he is a good observation of the card, decisive attack, and every time "ruthless" "quasi" "stable."

Take the "service" when the chip how much odds?

With the Internet city with the market "fight", obviously want to survive, the players have their own "chips." Some rely on technology to win, and some rely on the capital to win, in Zhou Shengfu view, goods pull in this war to survive the fundamental "service."

"After the end of the money how to do it? Cargo second half of the competition is the service, 'fast and good' is our chips." Compared to the traditional freight industry pain point, Zhou Shengfu like to use the drop to metaphor, he thinks drops The most important thing is to solve the people travel less vehicles, a long time, poor experience and other pain points; and goods to pull the "freight version of the drop", so that people can achieve Fast and good freight demand.

Therefore, the goods pull all the planning around the "service" to achieve. "Now, the goods pull Baidu index and APP download is already the industry leading position." In Zhou Shengfu view, the goods pull the data to prove that the customer service of the goods pull the trust.

At the end of the year to achieve the overall profit margins how much?

So, with the city's strong expansion, customer service will be greatly reduced? How is it faster and better?

It is understood that 2017 years to pull the "experience to enhance the overall plan" to achieve the driver, the user, the platform between the efficient communication.

First, optimize the client experience, in the APP side to improve the order status of real-time tracking and sharing, users can share real-time order status, through the LBS function, to achieve full transparency of the transport service process; Second, the platform on the line post-payment function, Full closed loop payment process, to avoid the cumbersome process of offline transactions. In the vehicle selection, from the national standard after the unified model, introduced in line with local characteristics, close to the local user habits of the exclusive models.

Drivers use the "survival of the fittest" form, strictly control. Pull the use of background monitoring system and data, the driver, the user, the order data for different dimensions of the analysis and judgment.

Based on the user rating, the Shuangji rate, low score, poor service drivers to implement the elimination policy, the hard work, high quality of service, motivated drivers will be given more high-quality list to encourage. This year, also on the line between the driver and the user IM function, simplify communication procedures, but also to achieve the goods picture, back to the real-time return, improve service efficiency.

"All the technology is around the user service experience to carry out." In the eyes of Zhou Shengfu, the service is his most important chips in the hand. At present, the goods pull has been achieved "star driver priority matching, 30 seconds rapid response, 5 minutes waiting for the vehicle, customer service hotline at any time," the timely service.

Objectives: orders to turn the end of the year to achieve profitability

"Our goal is to achieve the end of the company's profitability. Long-term goal is to become the industry leader." At present, the goods have been in some cities have been profitable, Zhou Shengfu hope at the end of the year to achieve the company's profitability.

Compared to other platform profit model, the goods pull is not in the way of every single rake, but in some mature cities, the platform to take a monthly fee for different levels of membership fees for the driver, and Hong Kong model, According to reports, the current model is running well.

In fact, this model in addition to be able to motivate the driver to better serve the platform, more labor, but also increase the driver's adhesion to the platform, Zhou Shengfu this model to become "Daguai upgrade", in order to get more More, you have to buy more equipment.

At the end of the year to achieve the overall profit margins how much?

In the business, with the continuous expansion of the city, the amount of orders is also increasing, according to Zhou Shengfu revealed that by the end of this year, orders will be more than eight times last year.

It is understood that at present, the goods in the business aspects of more focus on the small B-side and C-side areas, including small B-side accounted for 70% of the total business. Zhou Shengfu said that the future will be large B-end enterprise-class customers force, increase with the large electricity business, logistics and other business cooperation. Therefore, it was revealed that the goods will pull out the enterprise version of APP and web end products, and in some cities to carry out pilot work, try to tap more demand for customers.

Hands play who do the first is not important

As a company from Hong Kong fortune, can be based on a short period of time based on the mainland market, have to say that the goods have their own characteristics and play. In the Mainland, many places to achieve the localization of operations, but also some places continued the previous model, such as the driver membership fee on the continuation of the Hong Kong model.

It is also the fortune of different regions. Lara is the Internet freight platform in the rare insistence on the development of the company at home and abroad. "The overseas market is more difficult, regional complexity, freight demand is different; but the domestic market is more unified, whether it is human team or model easier to copy." At present, the goods pull in the domestic and Southeast Asian markets go hand in hand, but the main focus on the domestic market, Domestic business accounted for 80% of the total business of the platform.

Although the domestic market is large, but homogeneous serious. There are still many experiences that can be shared and used in the exploration and practice of some new business models. "Successful experience in mainland China can be applied to the Southeast Asian market. In the relatively large scale, Small Southeast Asian market, you can first try and quickly turned to provide reference for the Chinese mainland and reference.

"I believe this is a single one million market, the future will appear multiple unicorns into the scene, and now who do first is not important." Zhou Shengfu said that the current city freight market is not yet mature, whether it is industry players or Users need to slowly cultivate and explore, who do first is not important, blacksmith need their own hard, first practice internal strength, in order to meet the uncertain challenges.
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