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Express business blowout behind the hi and worry
Express business blowout behind the hi and worry

Under the pressure of the economy down, still able to explosive growth in the industry which? Express industry must be among them. If you then narrow the conditions for "you witness and support its development", I am afraid the answer is only the courier industry.

It can be said that the express industry is the "dark horse" of China's economy. Over the past few years, people have been surprised to find that this dark horse continues to create a miracle, not only is the "Internet +" an important pillar of the times, and almost become a consumer life just needs. Only 8 years, China Express's business volume from 1 billion to 10 billion. In 2014, the business volume over the United States, jumped to "the world's first express power." 2016, the business volume is exceeded 30 billion mark, an increase of 53%. If the population of 1.3 billion, according to the per capita sent 23 pieces.

Once upon a time, the express industry is regarded as a supporting role in online shopping, but now it is more like an engine and booster of the Chinese economy, but also absorb the employment of millions of people, no one can be small. Has been able to achieve such a result, not only benefit from the postal government enterprises and enterprises to separate the release of the huge space, but also with the era of electricity to bring the needs of direct blowout. Alibaba listed on the NYSE, the United States, "Los Angeles Times" said that if China in the past 10 years did not form more than 8,000 courier companies, Alibaba will not be able to achieve today's scale. It can be said that the express industry in the achievements of electricity at the same time, but also the achievements of their own.

"Cheap and fast" is the value of the express industry, but also China's express delivery industry in the international label - the domestic courier costs only the United States 1/6. This is not difficult to understand, the courier industry is a labor-intensive industries, and China's labor costs are much lower than the developed countries; the same time, China's urban population density is higher, which means that courier delivery costs will be reduced, Do "small profits but quick turnover". Therefore, in the context of economic rise and consumption escalation, the courier industry is not accidental, and more advantages than other countries.

However, when the enterprise to a certain size, will reach the so-called "bottleneck", express industry is no exception. Has been able to do "cheap and fast", and even the decline in delivery prices year after year, is based on the brutal competition on the basis of homogeneous competition to a certain extent will bring problems. The first problem is that profitability is reduced. For a long time, many courier companies are taking the "price for the amount of" the road, with the number of express mail and "press" courier to develop. In fact, the growth rate has slipped from 165% to 32%, which means that the express industry is currently nearly 50% of the annual growth rate of business is difficult to maintain. Therefore, with the competition caused by the weak business volume, as well as the rising cost of human resources, the old road is about to come to an end.

So, in recent years, many courier companies seeking to market, trying to embrace the capital market, "the second ignition", but if there is no new profit model, still difficult to have long-term development. So, courier outlets closed, courier downtime, express mail backlog, etc., and industrial integration as long as the beginning, there will be a number of enterprises were eliminated. If you take into account the tricycle, electric cars in the streets wantonly through the regulatory problems caused by the courier without contract, no social security, the decline in income caused by high turnover and difficult recruitment problems, even more worrying, these once the advantages are also Today has become the courier industry must face the problem, but also restricts the courier companies to occupy the international market.

If the rapid expansion, extensive management and low-cost competition is the express industry 1.0 era, then the characteristics of the 2.0 era, is clearly differentiated services and high value-added. But for consumers, although the "faster" must be no problem, but if you want "cheaper", I am afraid it will be more and more difficult.
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