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Reduce the cost of logistics to adhere to the "down fee" "efficiency" two-pronged approach
Reduce the cost of logistics is a hot topic of great concern to society as a whole, and it is also the most important factor in the structural reform of transportation supply side. It is of great significance to do this work. In the current situation, the goal has been clear, path selection becomes the key issue in determining the effectiveness.

Reduce the cost of logistics to adhere to the "down fee" "efficiency" two-pronged approach

"Down fee" is an important way to reduce logistics costs, are "performance." The abolition of the government to repay the secondary road tolls, the implementation of fresh agricultural products transport "green channel" policy, regulate and reduce the port charges, reduce the freight vehicle inspection and testing costs and other cost reduction measures to bring the people see tangible, tangible Of the benefits, the effect of reducing costs is also immediate. Last year, the whole industry to reduce logistics costs 55.8 billion yuan, the first half of this year has been reduced by 35.6 billion yuan to complete the annual target of 45.5% for the economic and social development has made a positive contribution. It can be said that the current situation, this work done well, directly related to the cost of the task can be completed, directly related to the people get a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction, must dig deep potential, sustained strength, unremitting efforts to do this work.

Of course, "down fee" is only one of the measures to reduce costs, not all. Simply by reducing the cost of the way to reduce costs, can only be a temporary solution, difficult to cure, nor sustainable. Mainly because the fee reduction to a certain extent belongs to the zero-sum game, one benefit means that the other side is damaged. Such as highways, ports and other enterprises to reduce costs, itself is an important part of the logistics industry, they make the transport companies and cargo owners benefit, to a certain extent, reduce the cost of logistics and transportation. But the objective point of view, these enterprises also need to survive the survival and fall, to a certain extent, inevitably encounter the enterprise can withstand the "ceiling", will also affect the healthy operation of the entire logistics chain. Therefore, not only in the "down fee" to make a fuss.

"Efficiency" is the fundamental way to reduce logistics costs, are "potential". For enterprises, time is efficiency. Through the organization of innovation, and vigorously develop the "Internet + efficient logistics", car carriers, multimodal transport, dumping transport and other advanced forms of transport organizations, can greatly enhance the transport efficiency for enterprises to save a lot of time costs. Through the management of innovation, and constantly deepen the "discharge service" reform, can effectively reduce the system of transaction costs, but also save a small sum of money. By accelerating the infrastructure construction, it can effectively improve the network level of facilities such as expressway, and promote the transportation efficiency and long-term benefits of transportation. In particular, through the "synergies" to reduce costs, not the shift of the zero-sum game, but the development of multi-win model. For example, the booming "Internet + Match" new model, optimizing the transport capacity and transportation path, effectively reducing the air drive rate, improve the transport efficiency, the owner, the transport business, the end consumer and other parties have benefited, and also Effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the transport industry, improve quality and efficiency, is a good way to serve one mind, but also reduce the cost of logistics and the root of the policy.

Reduce the cost of logistics is a tough fight, but also a protracted war, we must put the temporary solution and governance of the co-ordination of the "performance" and "potential" co-ordination, the "cost reduction" and "transformation and development" Adhere to the "down fee" and "efficiency" two-pronged approach, the co-force, in order to benefit both the current, and benefit long-term, to the people to pay a satisfactory test of historical test.
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