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Post delivery refused to door-to-door "do not want to send, to complain chant"

The first logistics all media on August 4 hearing (micro letter: cn156news reporter Qin Yu also)

Post delivery refused to door-to-door "do not want to send, to complain chant"

Post courier refused to door-to-door called "to complain!"

This conversation takes place between a consumer in Yan'an, Shaanxi and the post office of Shaanxi Yan'an Post Office.

In addition to the consumer was the courier refused to door-to-door, also in Xinzhou delivery point, the consumer Ms. Lee also received a postal courier phone, asked her to pick up. And Ms. Lee only asked courier delivery to a few hundred meters away from the street shops, "not let you delivery upstairs, to the facade."

Post delivery refused to door-to-door "do not want to send, to complain chant"

But the courier is still very calm tone: "But come." Ms. Lee said to complain in the case, the courier is very calm to express recognition.

This scene people have to doubt: courier service can refuse to come to service? Is it not a door-to-door service? Do we have been understanding is wrong!

The door-to-door service is required to be supervised by the postal authority

Obviously not. According to the definition of courier, is the door to door logistics. Express companies in the order from the time it means that courier need to door-to-door, consumers sign the process.

Subsequently, Deputy Director of the Office of the Post Office of Yan'an in the response to the media is also very clear, "in accordance with the provisions of the courier must be delivered by address", the courier's personal behavior is completely contrary to the postal courier service standards. "The investigation has made it clear to the postal company what the process is like."

Courier asked to self-style understanding is not mutual?

This event has occurred more than once. Reporters often have consumers around, many courier do not want to door-to-door, even if someone at home will be the default to put the courier, since the mention point, and some courier even the phone or information are not self-assertion directly thrown Collection point, the need for consumers to take the initiative to contact him to find out their own package whereabouts.

In the office building consumers are almost always go downstairs to receive their own courier, very few courier delivery to the door. But for this situation, almost all consumers are understanding courier hard, the default downstairs to self.

But for the beginning of the article who postal courier behavior, you have to ask people to ask: "courier work is very hard, we can understand, but not you should be supposed to be arrogant to refuse to door to door?" Lazy is it supposed to be a degree?

Consumers are helpless to give convenience is not mutual?

Users also have a lot of resonance for this matter, a man named "big face meow forever" said: "Express is not already have not come to the door yet? Every time in the middle of the district, to call their own to take! "

User "S Su Yu sister," said: "To tell the truth, now express the attitude is really too bad, or else just throw a collection point (private), no phone and SMS notification (Dragon Boat friends to send Of the dumplings, July because of another package to know), or else is just put a next to the collection of counters, said too hot, trouble you run a trip, anyway next to the (most recent are 10 minutes ). "

Self-sufficiency only three kinds of courier personal image and the team is closely related

According to the "courier service" standard, the definition is delivered to the recipient or designated location at the agreed time limit and received the sign-up service.

And self only three cases:

First, delivery 2 still can not deliver the express mail;

Second, the relevant government departments (such as customs, public security, etc.) made the request.

Third, the address is not yet opened in the express delivery service area, with the sender can negotiate.

Step back, even if the rules do not regulate the problem, consumers and couriers mutual understanding, mutual understanding, called on consumers to appreciate the difficulties of small brother brother, does not mean that couriers can use this arrogant, provocative Attitude towards the consumer. A person's behavior is likely to destroy the image of the entire courier team!

After all, the money will be done, this is the most obvious reason is not?
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