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Express "the last one hundred meters" contradictions highlight the fine management of the city
The city's fine management of the balance, at both ends of the safety and efficiency of how to strike a balance, is the policy makers need some "embroidery" effort.

Express "the last one hundred meters" contradictions highlight the fine management of the city

Recently in Chengdu, Sichuan, a community security and "takeaway brother" between the fierce conflict, because a network of video exposure caused by public concern. The cause of it, but "takeaway brother" in the district when the door and the door and security occurred, this seemingly not complicated fuse eventually went to fight, behind the exposed is a pair of urban management in recent years increasingly Highlight the new contradiction.

Similar to such residential property and distribution logistics disputes in these years is not uncommon. In the context of the rise of electricity providers, the express industry appears explosive growth, take-out delivery, fresh cold chain and other new formats are also springing up. However, the original form of the inherent management of the city, but can not be as fast as the Internet economy iterative, the two will be out of touch in the gap between the difficult to keep friction between the contradictions. One of the most prominent nodes of this contradiction is the logistics of the "last 100 meters." What is "last 100 meters"? In simple terms, now a distribution company riding electric cars in the downtown shuttle number of kilometers, but perhaps more than ten minutes, the real trouble is in the parcel from the cell door to the hands of consumers just 100 meters.

However, this is not entirely from the residential property deliberately make things difficult. Many people are "experience" over "express little brother" from the side speeding, rampage thrilling, but the problem is not just here. Some of the district to block the logistics and distribution vehicles to enter, some because the owners complained that the roadside vehicles were scratched but difficult to claim; some worry about the electric car speed too fast for the elderly, children there are security risks; The vehicle is stopped and the community order is affected. In fact, from the beginning of the residents of the general welcome to the distribution of logistics, and later the emergence of complaints in some communities to resist, distribution logistics industry in the "barbaric growth" in the non-standard to bear some responsibility.

"The last 100 meters" on the contradiction has become a common problem, simply rely on the power of enterprises or residents are difficult to cure, the need for the government from the overall symptom of medicine. Last year, a Beijing district property to the express charge of 400 yuan so-called "toll" news, once made a hubbub. This shows that in the case of people's lifestyles have changed, not from the city management to face the rights and obligations to re-division and adjustment, but trying to find a "prescription" from the old set, it is easy to go away, Said the conflict will also be endless.

Urban management on the balance of fine, how the safety and efficiency at both ends of the balance between the need for managers under the "embroidery" Kung Fu. Recently, the public solicitation of the views of the "Express Provisional Regulations" to release such a clear signal: the draft on the one hand the provisions of enterprises and institutions, residential district management unit should be based on the actual situation, to take business with the express business contract, Set up express delivery and delivery of specialized places, etc., in order to carry out the necessary services to facilitate express delivery; the other hand, the draft also asked the logistics side, asked to enter the enterprises and institutions, residential district courier practitioners should comply with enterprises and institutions , Residential district management units in the vehicle traffic, docking and other relevant provisions.

Express, take-away and residential management of the contradictions, exposed the problem of urban management refinement. City management fine, we must keep up with the pace of social life development. The emergence of new things not only bring new opportunities, but also bring new challenges, which is the normal face of urban management, but also public policy makers at any time need to study the subject.
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