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House with sheep Ivanistic logistics was exposed, the carrier said unloading and killing donkey!
"What do you always look at what half of the staff did not come back?" In the field Dunshou a few hours of courier a bit could not wait, had met the Vientiane logistics Hubei branch responsible for eating, said half an hour later, and so on A half an hour are not seen silhouette.

August 4, Hubei Chu Jing Ocean Express Co., Ltd. courier and responsible person pulled the red and white, saying, "Who will save us, Vientiane logistics regardless of social morality unloading and killing donkey, hundreds of courier unemployed without rice Eat "the banner of the Vanguard Logistics Hubei branch of the door, to discuss the wages and subsidies owed employees.

House with sheep Ivanistic logistics was exposed, the carrier said unloading and killing donkey!

Brokers offer video screenshots

According to the video of the users "Giugno10" said that the cause of things is Vientiane logistics breach of contract agreement, free to switch outlets, squeeze buckle below the network of hard-earned money, "so today in Hubei Province outlets to Vientiane logistics Wuhan branch protest, Back to the squeezed hard earned money.

From 300 to 20,000

The carrier was unloaded and killed?

Carrier: no communication was kicked out

Modern logistics newspaper reporter on the matter to the debt collection of Chu Jing ocean express the person in charge to understand the relevant circumstances.

A person in charge told reporters: "Vientiane in Hubei Province in 2015 intends to get involved in the distribution market, they do not have the distribution team, in addition to Wuhan, the province 's parcel delivery all subcontracted to us.

This small company from the province outside the 300 single, experienced two years of market development, so now average daily 20,000 single. But this year to see the market cultivation and mining mature, Vientiane want to self.

"You want to take back to always talk to us about our pre-network laying 76, bit by bit to do it, pay so much, put the vehicle, manpower, energy, should always inform us in advance." But the fact From the cooperation to the sudden stop to the goods occurred suddenly, "there is no communication, there is no notice of what the file.

Carrier: excuse all things to stop all business

"We also actively take the initiative to send e-mail with them to discuss the matter, whether it is not recycling, the two continue to cooperate in the establishment of joint ventures, joint-stock system" but it did not receive a reply.

Now, the order of Hubei Province, the days of the warehouse completely stopped to provide the courier business distribution, transferred from the Vientiane formed a self-employed team and the regional second and third line express delivery company is responsible for the temporary distribution.

But it is learned that the contract between them expires on September 30 this year.

Why Vientiane logistics can suddenly interrupt cooperation?

The person in charge of what happened in July. "They took the dough area as a breakthrough in the hole, bought a Jingzhou area of the delivery staff, asked him to discuss the grounds of wages and so on to the network to make trouble, the door locked, so that the goods do not go out. Abnormally, we stopped the business of all our outlets.

Carrier: We just want to talk about the responsibility

The person in charge revealed one of the details, Vientiane logistics deal with the matter, is to stop all the supply business, and then send the file, the last telephone communication.

"Now we are more than 800 distribution workers instantly unemployed, and 5,6,7 months of distribution costs and promised subsidies are not given to the staff always want to eat, no way to pay.

Responsible person stressed to reporters that he is not come to find trouble, "like marriage, since there is no feelings can break up, but always talk about things, who is responsible for the burden."

"At noon came to meet them, we said to talk about this thing, but he said half an hour later came to talk, but until now have not seen people." As of the reporter to understand the situation is 3 pm after.

Its memories to stop the goods is in the July 19, as the investor A company also has the person in charge of mediation, "investors who have admitted that Vientiane is wrong, but now they are not willing to talk to us, have been dodging us , So many courier sweat money, when the knot, how to always have a statement.

Due to the interests of the door

Is the carrier kidnapped with a weak position?

Vientiane employees: the carrier threatened the enterprise because of the interests

Reporters also to Vientiane in Wuhan, a staff working to understand the situation, which only know that part of the situation.

"Vientiane's business volume in Hubei is on the rise, and the quality of service for the carrier is also increasing, and there will be diversion due to more carrier access, so the carrier is dissatisfied with the traffic problem. The carrier put the words or all the business to them, or did not do it.

Traffic represents the interests, because the interests of the division is so dissatisfied with the threat of strikes, and finally really out, which is Vientiane employees revealed the situation, which has a key point and Chu Jinghai Express said the discrepancy, said only part of the business outage Non-cancel all of its traffic.

Vientiane employees: the judicial way to pay more than catch the door more reliable

It also mentioned that in order to solve this problem, Vientiane also invited the carrier responsible person and Vientiane person to sit down to discuss, then "they only mentioned the previous investment, to pay such a problem." That "hard to pay early, Storage costs and can not be your late quality of service can not keep up being eliminated, asking us to pay the reasons.

For the carrier accused of Vientiane arrears of delivery costs, he said is not clear, but he suggested that the other side can take the judicial channels, Chinese law than the door to pay more to fly.

It is understood that Vientiane logistics focused on the distribution of electricity for nearly 10 years, has been Ali, Fosun and other corporate investment, with the country's original joint venture network, more than 3,000 outlets, more than 40,000 distribution staff, distribution coverage of the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) The And because to undertake days cat, cat super electric business, business has been steady growth.
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