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Yuantong first fresh convenience store "mother carefully selected" test water courier + new retail
July 31, Yuantong commerce first "mother carefully selected" fresh convenience store in Putuo new lake Pearl City officially unveiled. Stores not only for the community residents to provide express mail, home economics, dry cleaning, home appliance repair and other collection and delivery services, but also the most convenient community residents live shop, basically meet the community family table and daily necessities high frequency just need.

About 600 square meters of new open stores, fish and poultry eggs, fruit and vegetable dairy products, grain and rice noodles, snacks and a family care supplies about 600 SKU single product, the ultimate single product similar to the German Aldi (ALDI) store, and the area is only Aldi's 20% -25% or so. The scene can buy Australia Angus beef belly meat, CP fresh and delicious eggs, bright group flag big Ying old hen, Tsingtao Brewery, but also can buy Durex, Dropping, Vinda and other health supplies and daily necessities.

At present, fresh goods occupy the overall shelf area of about 25%, is still in the trial period, the future will be adjusted according to the proportion of fresh demand. "We have just opened. Now sell well is the promotion of products, not promotional products, the meat sold better." Mother Choi election staff said.

Yuantong first fresh convenience store "mother carefully selected" test water courier + new retail

Mother carefully selected appearance

In addition, the mother Jingjing election also bear the "last mile" function, last year, Yuantong launched her mother Inn, providing express collection, mail and other services, according to the mother station official website data show that the number of coaches to join the cooperation station has reached 1.6 Million.

In early February this year, Shanghai Pudong a new mother's Inn had tried to introduce daily necessities in the inn sales, and mother Inn compared to her mother's selection is the difference between the increase in the fresh category, open up the online and offline marketing system The

Yuantong first fresh convenience store "mother carefully selected" test water courier + new retail

Convenience store fresh fruit

It is understood that Yuantong trade core team from Wal-Mart, Metro, Carrefour, Wing Fai, May has just begun to set up, more than two months later out of the first mother Jingjing election stores. At the same time, Yuantong convenience store and Ali holding easy fruit have in-depth cooperation, community residents can directly through the easy fruit APP orders, 20 minutes door-to-door.

Yuantong Express is not the first courier company to set foot in the convenience store. In 2007, SF has worked in Taiwan and the whole family, OK convenience stores and more than 4900 stores.

In 2011, Shunfeng in the network of scarce areas of self-built more than 20 convenience stores, but because of the small number of goods, the convenience store operation is not good. The following year, Shun Feng preferred on the line, the main fresh business. In 2016, Shunfeng flagship store under the unified name changed to Shun Feng preferred.

"Express + convenience store" model by the outside world as a courier company self-network business extension and supplement, both for the courier to save the delivery time, to avoid unacceptable situation, but also for consumers to provide more convenience.

Yuantong first fresh convenience store "mother carefully selected" test water courier + new retail

Mother Cottage selected shop scene

"Express is only a logistics chain in the core link, there are many products and chains are not integrated." Yuantong courier founder Yu Wei Jiao said. Yu Weijiao once said that the capital market will use the financing and mergers and acquisitions tools, rich product structure, enhance the overall strength of the mother carefully selected or one of its plans.

However, with the lifestyle changes, consumer demand for convenience of shopping gradually increased, many traditional enterprises have chosen to transition to the community convenience stores, including Yonghui, Carrefour, Wal-Mart and so on.

For the courier business, logistics is its biggest advantage, but the operation of convenience stores need to consider the goods placed, pricing, service and other issues, these are precisely the traditional business super-enterprise strengths.
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