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Capital competition under the city distribution integration or speed
"Mom, I have no material on the coffee table."

"Do not you send me?"

"No, someone will go home to take, you show him." For Zhang laugh this love lost three people, this is her and her mother often dialogue. And a large number of "Zhang Xiao" also prompted the existence of the city distribution in the transport transport, takeaway, gave birth to help pieces, on behalf of the delivery and other city courier business.

By the "lazy economy" spawned out of the city immediately from the initial takeover to the documents, documents, fruits and vegetables, flowers, electronic products and daily necessities and other diverse areas.

Capital competition under the city distribution integration or speed

At present, in order to cope with the fierce market competition, city distribution enterprises began to "vertical and horizontal."

August 1, the immediate logistics platform I reached and hungry in Shanghai to reach a strategic cooperation, I reached the only hunger What is the only crowdsourcing logistics strategic partners, and the completion of the first phase in the country more than 50 important cities Crowdsourcing distribution service docking.

As a hungry 2016 investment in the enterprise, I point up as early as a year ago began to help hungry what platform for take-away orders for distribution. Stronghold I reached CEO Zhao Jianfeng revealed that the current point of my daily distribution of 200 million orders, nearly 100 million is from hungry, and the depth of strategic cooperation, the point of my arrival will also be in full Mody on the platform of the distribution business, orders are expected to obtain further breakthroughs.

In the previous, SF and Baidu takeaway cooperation, the new up to the hands of Jingdong logistics.

At the same time, in the same field of real-time distribution of the emergence of the flash, everyone express, UU errands, geeks, fast service and other enterprises, and most of them have access to capital.

Earlier this year, the goods Lara announced the completion of the B round of 30 million US dollars financing; February, Yun Bird Technology also announced the completion of 100 million US dollars D round of financing; June 9, UU errands get 100 million A + round financing, plus this year 1 Month acquisition of 96 million yuan A round of financing, UU errands in half a year to complete the 196 million yuan of financing; South China region called a thousand birds distribution of the district-level city distribution business, recently completed 10 million yuan angel round financing Guangdong Wencao venture factory leadership; and flash only half a year to complete the 100 million US dollars of financing ... ... According to incomplete statistics, the first half of 2017, nearly 10 billion capital pound city courier.

It is worth mentioning that the traditional express delivery industry have also set foot in this area. July 2016, SF launched a city immediately to send services, mainly for food and take-away, business super, fresh, cake, flowers and similar industries, around the shop around the 3 or 5 km within the city to take delivery service. And Yuantong also followed by the start of the "lightning action", for the city real-time distribution market. Full peak courier and home delivery with the original advantage, respectively, launched the "O2O flash" and "real-time" business.

Prospective Industry Research Institute researcher Wen Cheng-hui said that with the courier industry downturn, the courier companies need to find new profit growth point, in order to get rid of the express unit price continued to decline caused by poor performance difficulties. In this context, the past is not attached to the city express a lot of attention, become the next battlefield of the express industry.

According to the prospective industry research institute released the "China Express industry market prospecting and investment strategic planning analysis report" shows that in recent years, express delivery business structure tends to be stable, off-site express income accounted for more than 50%, the proportion of business up to 70% Express revenue accounted for the proportion of declining, accounting for less than half of the amount of off-site delivery.

According to the report statistics, in 2016, China's city logistics business volume of 7.41 billion, an increase of 37.2%. The next five years, the city logistics growth is expected to remain at 40% or more, is expected to 2020, the market size of more than 200 billion yuan.

Wen Chenghui said that the current public on the material and information flow put forward higher requirements, resulting in a larger, more diversified, more personalized needs, city courier with timeliness, high security and flexible service and rapid rise , Coupled with the growth of large space, attracting a large number of enterprises, the influx of capital, the current express industry's hottest blue sea market.

Point I reached CEO Zhao Jianfeng also said that the local life service market in the next three years will be more than one trillion level. In the birth of capital, a large number of local distribution platform have emerged, but after nearly two years of market integration, real-time logistics industry has entered the "fight within the power" of the second half. In several major players, who have a stable order source and resource support, while equipped with a strong core technology and quality service, who will become the final winner.

Wen Cheng-hui that the city's outbreak is no accident. On the one hand, in the "lazy economy" driven by the gradual increase in consumer demand. At the same time, the public on the logistics time, service, distribution and other aspects of the increasingly high demand, hoping to distribute fragile goods, large items and some unconventional items, which in the objective to promote the rise of the city express. On the other hand, the trend of logistics intelligence intensified, forcing the traditional logistics industry changes, and the city logistics not only reduces the temporary storage links, but also significantly shorten the distribution cycle, by the capital favor a matter of course.

Wen Cheng-hui said, to Ali, Jingdong, led by the electricity business platform, is constantly overweight layout logistics industry chain, which undoubtedly greatly expand the city express market space, and even have the opportunity to overturn the corner.

But the industry believes that, after a large-scale financing expansion, the city will usher in a new round of distribution business integration.

Wen Cheng-hui said that the overall point of view, the city express market space is huge, worthy of capital investment, but also faced with profitability, need to be cautious. He suggested that the city logistics enterprises with small-scale courier business alliance, access to more customers and funds to achieve the optimal allocation of resources and efficient use, while preventing large-scale courier companies have been squeezed.
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