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The sharing model provides a breakthrough for the logistics industry to
China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing recently released data show that the first half of China's social logistics total cost of GDP ratio of 14.6%, down 0.3 percentage points over the first quarter, which shows that China's logistics "cost reduction" work is steadily advancing. In the government to reduce logistics taxes at the same time, the emergence of shared economic model for the logistics "cost" to provide a new breakthrough.

The sharing model provides a breakthrough for the logistics industry to "reduce costs"

In order to reduce the logistics cost, in the government to promote the work of tax cuts, in recent years relying on the rapid development of the Internet platform shared economic model, to the logistics "cost" to bring new ideas.

China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Secretary-General Cui Zhongfu said that in the field of public travel, China is the world's largest shared car and shared bicycle market. With the sharing of the economy in depth, the shared object from the car, housing development to a broader social resources, logistics is one of them.

In Cui Zhongfu view, the logistics of the shared economy can be divided into several levels. First, the sharing of logistics resources. By the drop, excellent enlightenment, through the Internet platform to share truck resources, to achieve the match between the goods, thereby reducing the return air truck return rate.

Second, the logistics infrastructure to share. For example, through the construction of logistics park, the truck drivers, shippers, logistics enterprises, government agencies, supporting enterprises gathered together to form a new logistics ecosystem, resulting in synergies.

"The core of the shared economy is in the case of ownership unchanged, by sharing the right to use to improve the efficiency of the industry." Internet logistics platform "Heaven and Earth" founder Xu Shuibo said the logistics industry has six cost sources: human costs, Crossing the bridge fee, warehouse rent, distribution, vehicle. Among them, the improvement of vehicle transport efficiency is the key.

According to the practice of the past year, according to the practice of the past year, through the Internet-based sharing model, the utilization rate of some trunk vehicles increased from 40% to 80%, the monthly mileage increased from 13,000 km to 35,000 km to promote transportation costs Down more than 20%.

Looking to the future, this idea of sharing will be further expanded, such as car prices, financial enterprises, oil suppliers, tire service providers gathered in a platform, the use of resources will be further improved efficiency.

"The shared economy business model in the field of logistics is still exploring, there is room for improvement in the standardization of products and services, and there is room for improvement in continuous improvement."
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