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How do freshman business go further?

Experienced a large number of vertical fresh electricity after the collapse of the storm, the day cat on the fruit of the strong injection of funds to verify the arrival of the era of fresh electricity business giant. From the initial entrepreneurial boom, to today's giants hegemony, just a few years, the consumer's impression of fresh electricity business has grown from familiar to familiar. But relatively fresh electricity business itself, the low degree of standardization of products, cold chain logistics costs higher, is still hindering the business model to achieve profitability of the stumbling block. In the new stage, how to run fresh electricity business farther, the players are still groping.

How do freshman business go further?

Giant players divide the market

Lynx has announced that it is investing $ 300 million in the easy-to-grow group, which will add to the development of Lynx supermarkets. Evergreen Group Chairman, CEO Zhang Ye said that this round of financing, easy fruit will be further integrated into the lamb ecological circle, more quickly to the fresh and supply chain development and growth, built a set of "Chinese fresh industry And students "of the compound logistics supply chain system. Yi Guo said that the threshold of fresh electricity business has been very high, the ticket has been distributed is completed. The next focus is to do a good job of cold chain logistics network layout, optimize the experience, and the ability to open the platform to the whole industry.

As easy to describe the fruit, fresh electricity businessmen the threshold is getting higher and higher, compared to three or four years ago, the new players into a small number. On the contrary, there are more and more companies entering the death list. Previously, the platform was unbearable loss of pressure to leave things have occurred, such as delicious seventy-seven, young vegetable king, Xu and so have retreat. Now the industry's major players are mostly giant power platform platform support, or large-scale capital institutions to support.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter collation of public data found that the Department of Beijing, Jingdong Department of fresh electricity business platform and including the original life, COFCO I buy net and other heavyweight players, accounting for the current fresh electricity business sector more than 75% market share. Which Ali Department of Health and electricity business platform, including the days of cat supermarkets, Mr. Liu Meowen and Suning joint investment in the fruit fresh, Jingdong Department of fresh electricity business platform, including Jingdong supermarket, Jingdong home and the strategic stake in the daily orchard. In addition, in the other several heavyweight players behind the lack of strong capital support, such as Baidu with the vote of COFCO I buy the net, nine Yang shares, CDH Capital, Zhongcheng Union and other joint support of the original life, and Tencent and Zhejiang Venture capital joint investment in the daily fresh and so on.

Cold chain logistics costs are high

Health and electricity business is only a giant game is not without reason, the construction of cold chain logistics infrastructure, the high cost of screening is an important threshold. According to the 2015 China cold chain logistics report shows that in the domestic 4000 fresh electricity business, 95% of the electricity business can not be profitable, and difficult part of the reasons for the emergence of cold chain transport, cold chain costs accounted for the total cost 40%, accounting for 25% -40% of sales.

In the traditional retail business in charge of the logistics business industry, said that in the fresh supply chain, the first need to invest in the cost of Jiancang. Fresh storage environment needs to have frozen, refrigerated, constant temperature and other different temperature areas, such a warehouse needs of the basic area of more than 3,000 square meters in the first-tier cities a year rent may be 5 million -1000 million. Not just in the storage link, in the distribution process, the same need to achieve temperature control effect, so the need for professional refrigeration insulation car, and a refrigerated car price is about 2-3 times the ordinary freight vehicles.

Want to build a complete cold chain logistics infrastructure, need to invest a lot of money, so in the traditional retail industry, many companies choose to cold chain transport by third party contract. For the electricity business enterprises, "the DPRK evening food," the logistics and distribution services have become a standard, self-built logistics system is more conducive to business services and operational efficiency control. Therefore, the fresh electricity business can only invest heavily in the thorny way on the road ahead, or carefully selected partners.

Meticulous operating amortization costs

In the face of the high demand for cold chain logistics, and the resulting high cost pressures, the development of fresh electricity business has never solved the problem of profitability. But after years of exploration, many companies have begun to glimpse the door. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters noted that, compared to rely on the burning of the entrepreneurial struggle of the booming period, the current fresh business platform in the commodity resources more diversified. The so-called diversification is not just the increase in the category of goods, but also the fine setting of the SKU.

For example, in the App Or Apparel, a blueberry product also has 2 boxed, 4 boxed, 6 boxed difference; in the easy fruit fresh App, a Xinjiang white grape products, there are 2 pounds Installed, 4 pounds installed difference. But in the first page of these platforms recommended, mostly in the packaging of more products containing the main products.

Fresh is a high-frequency, high-viscosity goods, but at the same time there are many low profits of goods Fruit music CEO Chen Gongwei has said that in the traditional retail, through the low-profit products can be achieved with the artificial, rent cost leveling, but if coupled with storage, packaging, cold chain distribution and other aspects of the cost, The basic will be a loss.

Increasing the customer price per order will help amortize the cost of doing so. Li Shang, executive vice president of Beijing Business Research Institute, said that for the terminal retailers and large customers, a single demand, strong capacity, high transaction frequency, the unit product logistics costs relative Lower. And service transactions and more stable retailers and large customers, you can let the platform to obtain higher 
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