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The challenges facing the declaration business

China's engineering contracting enterprises in the "one way" along the country and region to obtain a large number of projects for the domestic customs enterprises to bring a lot of business at the same time, but also its customs declaration level and quality of service put forward higher requirements.

First, update the work concept
Chinese enterprises to carry out foreign contracted engineering business for a long period of time, the construction of the basic project focused on housing construction, dam construction, road and other civil engineering projects, the need to export goods from China is mainly all kinds of construction materials and equipment The From the perspective of customs declaration, the name of these goods specifications clear, inspection status clear, the export declaration work is not much difficulty and special requirements. In recent years, relying on the advantages of domestic production capacity and improve the supporting system, China's foreign contracted engineering enterprises in the international market began to get involved in large-scale industrial projects, equipment composition more and more complex, more and more long construction period, the complex goods Sexual and technical continue to increase, the declaration of export customs declaration than ever before higher requirements. In order to meet the changes in the market, the declaration business is the first to do is to update the work of the concept, can not simply apply the past work ideas and models, to be good at summing up the project export customs declaration characteristics and laws, insight into the customer demand for customs agents Of the changes, to adapt to the development of foreign contracting industry, the new trend.

Second, expand the information channels
For other forms of import and export trade, customs declaration is basically through the import and export goods to the consignor to obtain customs clearance declaration required goods information, and as a basis for the completion of customs declaration. In the case of foreign contracted projects, although the contractor is the consignor of export goods, but the mastery of the goods is actually very limited. For the control of export goods, they are more concerned about the design standards, raw material procurement, manufacturer qualification, factory inspection, delivery period and other macro-normative procedural level. Therefore, for the composition of the goods content, production process, structural layout, working principle, functional use, etc. to complete the export customs clearance must have the information, the contractor can not be in-depth and meticulous understanding.

To this end, the declaration business should change the previous mode of work, and actively expand the access to information channels, and contractors to maintain business contacts at the same time, should also take the initiative to extend its upstream, equipment suppliers and even project design units to contact more timely and broad , To obtain accurate information related to the export of goods, for the quality and efficient completion of export customs clearance to provide support.

Third, strengthen business cooperation
In general, the number of shipments of the contracted projects is relatively low at the beginning and the end of the commissioning phase. After the construction of the project, the number of items shipped starts to increase. After the peak of delivery, the export of goods is almost every week. For the project to provide services to the declaration business, according to the progress of the project and the number of delivery changes, choose the appropriate time to send a special customs officers stationed in the project department. This will not only improve the efficiency of information communication and data transmission speed, but also easy to work with each other and coordination, and this is the customs enterprises in-depth understanding of the implementation of foreign contracted projects one of the effective ways.
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