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China shut down six Australian cattle enterprises, the new US oil factory in China 18! The
According to the report of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, which is in line with the requirements of the assessment of the country or region for meat supply products (updated on July 25, 2017)
China to suspend acceptance:
Suspension of acceptance of the following enterprises in Australia since July 24, 2021 from the opening of the import of meat products imported inspection: 1620,170,262,533,239,640.
New America:
The registration number of beef factory registered by our country is:
980, 86E, 86R, 86M, 889A.
Beef refers to the 30-month-old Eviscerate and Bone Beef, including heart, kidney, liver, petal, tendon, not including tonsils, ileum, meat and mechanical separation of meat.
According to the current policy requirements, July 24 before the departure of Australia to suspend the factory beef normal declaration, after July 24, the shipment was suspended.
Which means that Chinese importers from Australia to suspend the factory scheduled August and September sailing orders may be canceled.
This is the first time in recent years, China shut down a large number of Australian factories.
Australia's grain supply capacity is affected, short-term may cause the Australian supply of feed products caused by the shortage of prices.
US traders have begun to offer to China, which feed products on Australia with the same series of a certain degree of competitiveness.
If the United States can continue to meet the requirements of China's supply capacity, may change China's grain market structure.
"Under the influence of many uncertainties, the pattern of beef trade is more likely to change and the market's instability increases in recent political effects, including the Indian slaughter ban." MIG analysts told us that the Chinese
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