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Do wine import trade, these processes are not a little less!
Imported wine in recent years in the domestic sales hot. So what are the steps and precautions for wine import trade? This article will be a detailed interpretation of this.

Ready before import

1 enterprise qualification preparation
First of all, the owner of the unit of industrial and commercial business license should be within the scope of business, including "pre-packaged food" business qualifications, enterprises have Food and Drug Administration issued a "food circulation permit."

If the owner of the unit has the right to operate import and export, you can import; if not, you can sign the commission by the way, commissioned the right to operate import and export business as a business unit on behalf of imports. Regardless of which model is adopted, the enterprises that import foodstuffs need to go to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China for the record of the Import and Export of Food Import and Export (
After filing the website, the enterprise needs to submit the following information to the quality inspection department of the place:

(1) "Imported food, cosmetics consignee filing form";

(2) the business license, the organization code certificate, the legal representative of the identity certificate, the foreign trade operator registration form and other copies, and submit the original; (Editor's Note: After the three certificates, this request Ask the Geological Supervision Department)

(3) imported food and cosmetics acceptance system, defective food recall and cargo flow management system and other quality and safety management system;

(4) self-examination, shall provide self-examination and inspection unit record registration certificate copy, and submit the original;

(5) warehouse warehouse plan, real estate certificate or lease contract;

(6) foreign exporters or agents for the record information table.

2 Contract with foreign businessmen

By the import and export operation of the company and foreign wineries or wine merchants signed a contract, according to the invoice payment or issued a letter of credit.

3 Preparation of imported alcohol labels (domestic)

Need to win the winery or wine business relevant information: each different year of foreign wine label proofs and electronic files, to handle the domestic Chinese label for the record.

For the import of food labeling consulting work, the need to provide the following information:

(1) the original label;

(2) the original label translation;

(3) a copy of the business license of a product importer, agent or distributor;

(4) other helpful documents, such as trademark registration certificate, import health food approval, etc .;

(5) designed Chinese label, to the local quarantine certification body for the record (Beijing area by the China Inspection and Certification Group Beijing Co., Ltd. for consultation and approval).


Foreign manufacturers need to provide a clear and complete product standard, back standard pictures, and clear the following product information: name, brand, wine name, year, grape varieties, producing areas, country of origin, grade, product type, Content, raw materials and accessories, net content, alcohol, storage methods, filling, the total domestic dealer, filling date, shelf life, etc .;

All documents are required to be stamped with the official seal of the applicant. Documents such as foreign language, also need to provide the corresponding Chinese translation;

Chinese label production should refer to the "2011 Label General" (GB7718-2011, forced implementation on April 20, 2012), "pre-packaged food nutrition labeling General" (GB 28050 - 2011, January 1, 2013 enforcement) The

4 Preparation of imported alcohol (foreign)

(1) need to have the official certificate of origin issued by alcohol;

(2) the need for foreign testing organizations or manufacturers to detect written information;

(3) foreign suppliers must be shipped before the design and through the record of the Chinese label affixed to the product bottle wall, or into the domestic need to enter the quarantine designated rectification library rectification;

(4) if the product packaging with wood packaging, to ensure that each wooden package at least two fumigation logo.


Sea to the domestic time about a month, air two days or so.
After the arrival of the declaration
1 enterprise qualification preparation

Prepare for inspection documents

(1) after delivery, the consignee to do the red wine label, each color printed in triplicate;

(2) to prepare proofs of Chinese translation, each species in a copy, color printing;

(3) after the arrival of the supply of trade contracts, packing list, freight invoices (copy) and the waybill (positive copy);

(4) to provide the original certificate of origin (the importing country official), health certificate (original);

(5) a label advisory report;

(6) a copy of the business license;

(7) a list of imported food;

(8) two copies of the pre-packaged food undertaking;

(9) a copy of the power of attorney.


paper label positive standard content and the bottle on the standard content is consistent, the Chinese label bar code and the bottle on the back of the bar code consistent.

Prepared documents

(1) a copy of the power of attorney;

(2) a copy of the original seal of the contract, invoices, luggage, a trade agent agreement;

(3) a certificate of origin;

(4) wine label: declaration with the English label in a page, attached to the translation, engraved CD-ROM at the same time to submit electronic files.


Customs asked to provide wineries issued invoices. If it is issued by foreign wine business, at the same time to submit a foreign winery and foreign wine business transactions copy of the invoice.

2 to the inspection and quarantine Bureau to declare, print out the "entry goods inspection single"

3 finishing the documents, to the port quarantine site inspection, the "entry cargo clearance"
4 entry customs declaration, to the customs declaration, print out the official declaration

5 to the scene customs clearance, on-site customs tax

6 to pay taxes, tax release


Since China has signed free trade agreements with certain countries, the importation of wines from these countries (such as Chile, New Zealand, etc.), the specific preferential rate of the treaty at the time of importation, is to be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the customs.
7 quarantine inspection and send samples


According to the entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau regulations, each vote of imported wine must be sent to the quarantine bureau to test the quality. The number of samples sent: 500ml or more packaging, each 3 bottles. Within 15 working days after delivery, a health certificate will be issued. Only a health certificate can be issued after the sale.

Quarantine inspection of imported food to vote by the policy, the port for packaging inspection, inspection of the quarantine office of the goods to quarantine.


Wine import link rate

Wine Code: HS Code: 2204.2100.00, refers to the small package of fresh grape wine (small package that is loaded into 2 liters and below containers).

Imported bottled wine current rate (tax levied in Renminbi):

1, tariff: 14% (tariff = CIF 14%);

2, VAT: 17% (VAT = (CIF + tariff + consumption tax) 17%);

3, consumption tax: 10% (consumption tax = [(CIF + tariff) / (1-10%)] 10%).
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