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The warehousing and warehousing process of goods in the transport business
Do transport people should know some of the goods storage expertise, it's storage procedures, testing processes, etc., the following to tell you about the card transport business in the storage process.
  Warehousing process
To the finished product library storage process, for example, outsourcing of finished products or their own production of finished products, first by the applicant to fill in the application form, the main application by the following items: apply for storage units, storage time, The number of goods, the number of products, the number of goods, the amount of the amount of inspection, identification of the applicant, the identification of the applicant, the finished product warehouse Treasurer Kam Kam and other components.
Application Date for Application
Product Type Number of Positions No. Weight Weight Remarks
Inspector Kam word: Treasury Manager: Applicant Kam word:
Applicants fill in the fill in the application form, fill out the inspection by the inspector after the identification of words, by the Treasury staff to verify the number of storage registration, the Treasurer in charge of Kam. Storage application form four copies, the first joint, stub, the second joint, finished goods warehouse retained, the third joint, financial accounting, the fourth joint, the Union retained. When the warehouse should be strict quality control, do a good job in order to prepare for inspection.
Train station to the station: the receiving unit full-time unloading personnel, must be with the station staff to do a good job unloading records, unloading before, carefully check the single, table, card, check the body, found the problem with the railway sector negotiations, Unloading, the inspectors in accordance with the provisions of inspection of the quality of goods, to make quality inspection notice, check the staff to do the number of pieces, weight records, including sampling and seizure, and record the packaging damage, if damaged items pick out the deposit. If you appear in the international online shopping transshipment business, but also to the staff to do the inspection. Custody personnel first do a good job storage preparation, unloading, supervision of the quality of workers and the distribution of goods, and finally pool unloading notice, inspection orders, check the table, fill in the goods registration form, including: the name of the goods, storage time, , The cargo number, the quality, the weight, the tree, the unloading personnel, the remarks and so on, and the warehouse supervisor, the owner, the sign, and the unloading notice, the inspection single, the inspection is attached to the goods registration form together Record voucher.
Our process to do rigorous or not, will be subject to customer testing, then they check the network card on the network transport company which will give us a rating score, which is not necessary to say the risk of it.
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