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In addition to the collection of shipping charges in addition to the charges
What is the focus of the consignment in the end? What is the specific operation of it? Need to pay attention to the main points? This is our card in the transport business needs to understand the place.
    Focus on the specific operation of the consignment and precautions
   1. The concept of centralized shipping
  Will be card shipping costs a number of tickets shipped separately, sent to the same direction of the goods together as a vote of goods, fill out a total bill of lading shipped to the same way to the station.
  2. The specific practice of centralized shipping
  (1) the air transport bill of lading shall be made for each ticket, ie, HAWB (HouseAirwayBill), which is the freight forwarder.
  (2) to all the goods to distinguish the direction, according to their destination the same country, the same city to focus on the development of the airline's total AWB MAWB (MasterAirwayBill). The consignee and consignee of the consignment note are air freight forwarders.
  (3) to play the main waybill under the cargo list (Manifest), that is, the total waybill has a number of sub-single, the number of what is the number of pieces, the number of weight and so on.
  (4) the general bill of lading and freight list as a whole ticket to the airline. A single consignment note may be accompanied by a separate waybill (which may also be a single waybill or multiple shippers). Such as: a MAWB has 10 HAWB, indicating that the total waybill has 10 votes, sent to 10 different consignees.
  (5) After the goods arrive at the destination station airport, the local freight forwarder is responsible for receiving and distributing the consignee of the consignment note, making the corresponding declaration documents and issuing the declaration documents for the actual consignee Related to cargo matters. The person concerned handles the delivery of goods.
  (6) After the actual consignee has signed on the waybill, the destination freight forwarder returns the arrival information to the freight forwarder.
  3. Restrictions on centralized shipping
  (1) centralized consignment is only suitable for handling general cargo, for customers to search which logistics company is cheaper when the general choice. And for the tariffs of goods, such as: valuables, dangerous goods, live animals and cultural relics can not handle centralized shipping.
  (2) the destination of the same or near the can handle, such as a country or region, the other should not be handled. For example: can not send the goods to Japan to Europe.
  There are specific practices, there are restrictions on the conditions, spotted these conditions, it will not do no power myself.
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