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Set card transport business in overseas freight in the program
In the card to do the transport business, some professional knowledge of the program we need to know, so that we will not be confused. Let's take a look at these processes.
1. Booking
The consignor or the shipper shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the trade contract or the relevant provisions of the credit, fill in the booking form to the shipping company or its agent or other transportation operator for booking at a certain time before the consignment. Prior to this, to the first domestic card transport company which in order to timely booking.
2. Accept the consignment application
The shipping company or its agent, or other transportation operator, shall first consider whether the route, port, ship, transport conditions, etc., in determining whether to accept the shipper's consignment application, meet the requirements of the consignor. After receiving the consignment application, it should proceed with the preparation of the booking list and then dispatch the container terminal to the container freight station to arrange the empty container and handle the cargo handover.
3. Issue empty boxes
Often, the empty container of the container is shipped from the consignor to the container terminal yard, and the empty container of the LCL is made up of the container freight station. The cargo box shipper will be less than one box of goods. , By the freight station according to the booking list of information, check the station receipt box.
4. FCL
By the consignor is responsible for packing and packing customs clearance of the fares to the container terminal yard, terminal yard according to the booking list, check the station receipt and packing list acceptance of goods.
5. Container transfer visa
Container terminal yard in the acceptance of goods and containers, that is, on the receipt of the station receipt, and signed the station receipt returned to the consignor, according to the bill of lading.
6. In exchange for bill of lading
       The consignor shall, with the receipt of the signed station, exchange the bill of lading to the person responsible for the carriage of the container or his agent, and then go to the bank for settlement.
7. shipment
       The container terminal shall, according to the situation of the container to be loaded, formulate a shipping plan and carry the ship after berthing of the ship.
8. sea transportation
       In the international online shopping transshipment business, the maritime carrier on the shipment of the container has a safe transport, custody, care of the responsibility, and in accordance with the terms of the bill of lading bill of lading and the owner of the responsibility, rights and obligations.
9. Unloading
       The container terminal shall, in accordance with the relevant shipping documents sent by the carrier of the port of shipment, formulate a ship unloading plan and waive the ship after berthing.
10. FCL delivery
       Such as inland transport by the consignee itself is responsible for the arrangements, the container terminal yard issued by the consignee issued by the bill of lading to the consignee.
11. Pinxiang delivery
       Container freight station in the dig box, according to the consignee issued by the bill of lading to pay the goods consignee.
12. Empty box back to transport
       Consignee and container freight station in the dig box after the completion of the empty box should be returned to the container terminal reactor often two, the main import and export documents 1. The order form is the carrier or its agent in the acceptance of the consignor or cargo shipper booking, according to the consignor's oral or written application for cargo shipment to arrange for the transport of container goods and the development of a single certificate. The document once confirmed by the carrier, as a bearing, the two sides booking the certificate.
       The above procedures are also familiar to the container overseas cargo has great benefits, hoping to help some friends.
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