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Chairman Xi Jinping in the "one way all the way" International Cooperation Summit speech at the opening ceremony "to promote the policy, rules, standards of the Trinity Unicom, interconnection for the mechanism to provide protection." Certification is recognized as one of the national general technical language, but also the bridge of trade links. The 4-point initiative proposed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for the "one side of the road" includes "promoting certification and accreditation, smoothing reciprocal trade" and "realizing a standard, a certificate, regional communication and global mutual recognition".

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China has approved a number of international cooperation to obtain a number of breakthroughs
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The accreditation of internationally recognized mutual recognition activities is the core of the accreditation and recognition of the international cooperation system. International mutual recognition is based on mutual trust between governments in various regions and on the mutual trust of certification and accreditation bodies. China's accreditation and recognition of international cooperation system mainly includes bilateral cooperation and multilateral cooperation. On the one hand has more than 40 countries around the world with nearly 100 government or accreditation agencies to maintain bilateral relations of cooperation, and with 27 countries, 30 government agencies, accredited certification bodies signed 30 bilateral cooperation agreement or cooperation memorandum of understanding; On the other hand, it has also participated extensively in the accreditation of global or regional organizations for conformity assessment activities, including the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the development of international trade rules; the International Organization for the Assessment of Accreditation of International Practices ISO / CASCO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); the International Accreditation Forum for Integrated and Regulatory Accreditation Activities (IAF), the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization (ILAC) and the International Association of Auditors Training and Registration (IATCA), as well as the APEC ( APEC), the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC), the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and other regional international organizations, and become the international organizations of the international multilateral mutual recognition agreement signed members.
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In the "one way" to promote the construction of certification to promote international cooperation proposals
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Effective and strict quality certification system can play a role in regulating the import and export trade, especially after the gradual reduction or cancellation of tariff barriers, mandatory quality certification is the protection of national industry and national interests of the most practical, effective and feasible one of the measures. Only by actively participating in international activities and studying the development of our country's certification and accreditation system can we ensure that our international economic competitiveness is cultivated and strengthened under the prerequisite of WTO rules and international practice and that we should actively deal with foreign technical measures and safeguard national interests The There is still much room for improvement in achieving overall quality management and strengthening international certification and accreditation cooperation.
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First, further integration with international organizations. In the tide of globalization under the economic weakness of the present, regional protectionism has risen, we need to strive to integrate national organizations, strengthen international activities, and to meet the certification and recognition of national requirements, echo the needs of the majority of enterprises to help improve the global economy status quo. With "a test, a check, a certification, a sign" so that the goods get the trust of the world. On the basis of active participation, but also into the decision-making level of international organizations, issued a voice for the camps of developing countries, breaking the rules governing the situation by the developed countries.
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Second, further integration with international standards. Although the relevant areas of certification can be used in the relevant international standards, but at present, China's standards and international standards there are gaps, the international standard into a low proportion of national standards, and the conversion of national standards and other existing national standards can not Smooth convergence, combined with China's specific conditions to develop the certification and accreditation of normative documents can not be used in large numbers or reference to other international organizations, normative documents. Therefore, we should strengthen the authoritative international advanced normative documents in the future to study and draw lessons from the link between the national standard and the international standard conversion standard and strengthen the substantive participation in the international standard of conformity assessment.
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Third, further integration with international certification. China's certification and accreditation system is established in accordance with internationally accepted rules, standardized organization of conformity assessment standards, guidelines established, the government departments responsible for the formulation of policies and supervision and management, not directly involved in the evaluation of the work, and recognized certification bodies should remain independent And fair and impartial, the requirements of the operation of the same institutions in accordance with international standards or guidelines. In 2002, China set up a special responsible for tracking, transformation of national standards of the organization, "National Certification and Accreditation Standardization Technical Committee" to participate in international standardization activities, so that the accreditation of international standards more substantial and long-term stability. And through the signing of bilateral or multilateral mutual recognition agreement, so that the recognition of China's recognition of the results of international recognition, so that the national standard access line go further.
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At present, the accredited international mutual recognition system has covered more than 95% of the global economy, the economy, for global trade has an irreplaceable role. At present, China is vigorously promoting the "area along the way" construction, showing even the Western world did not show the trade open attitude, which is our further strengthen the international certification and recognition of cooperation opportunities, through the "one way" platform to strengthen and along the country Certification and accreditation areas of policy communication, coordination of the parties, deepen understanding, promote mutual benefit and win-win, and continuously enhance the country's international influence.
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