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Set card transport business doorway, from the container inspection that open The same time as
Usually we know the container, but do not know it also need to test, especially imported, engaged in card transport business staff need to know this knowledge.
Inspection and quarantine of imported containers
(1) The scope of inspection and quarantine shall be carried out in the imported container
1. All imported containers shall be subject to health and quarantine
2. Animal and plant quarantine shall be carried out in containers of animal and plant epidemic areas, animals and plants, animal and plant products and other inspection and quarantine objects, and containers containing botanical packaging materials or bedding materials.
3. In the case of laws, administrative regulations, other provisions of international treaties or other containers which shall be subject to inspection and quarantine stipulated in the trade contract, the inspection and quarantine shall be agreed upon in accordance with the relevant provisions.
(2) Documents for applying for inspection and quarantine of imported containers
Application for entry and exit of container inspection and quarantine should provide a contract, card transport bill of lading and other relevant documents.
(3) Procedures for inspection and inspection and quarantine of incoming container
1. The applicant shall apply to the inspection and quarantine institution in the area where the port of entry is located before the declaration, and fill in the "import / export container inspection form".
2. Inspection and quarantine agencies on the container (including train insulation car) to implement inspection and quarantine.
3. Inspection and quarantine institutions on the inspection and quarantine of the container, issued to the "container inspection and quarantine results single."
4. If the inspection and quarantine fails, the inspection and quarantine of the imported container and its loading shall be examined and approved according to the relevant regulations.
5. The container for the shipment of goods imported by the State shall be inspected by the inspection and quarantine organ at the port of entry. Inspection and quarantine in line with national environmental standards, the issuance of inspection and quarantine status notice; do not meet environmental standards, issued a quarantine certificate and transferred to the local customs, environmental protection departments, usually in the query card transport company which, also need to pay attention to this The problem.
(D) the time of entry into the container inspection
The entry and exit of the container shall be submitted to the inspection and quarantine institution at the port of entry for inspection and shall not be transported or unpacked.
We know that in the card transport, the card transport costs are very concerned about, but for the above-mentioned quarantine issues, attention is clearly not enough to enter the industry, people know this expertise, while Also need to understand the layman.
The same time as
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