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Contains the card transport business, including a variety of logistics methods are rapidly mature
Because the rapid economic development, various industries are bound to have greater demand for logistics, which makes the national economic development of the dependence on the logistics industry is also growing. Some experts pointed out that, whether it is maritime transport, air transport, LTL transport, or set card transport business, a variety of ways the development of the logistics industry in China's economic take-off process plays a vital role in the introduction of " Development of special planning ", China also made it clear that by 2015 the initial establishment of a set of business services and services to adapt to the efficient and smooth, coordinated supporting, green modern business logistics service system.
China Logistics Mall is to establish a set of modern business logistics service system for another attempt. As a platform, China's logistics mall brings together almost all logistics modes including maritime transport, air transport, international express mail, express delivery, LTL transportation, card transportation and vehicle transportation. Each logistics method has clear price and time Logo. Enterprises or individuals through the platform, including through the card transport costs, including logistics prices and services in a detailed comparison, to do the best choice.
China Logistics Mall is also a logistics service providers for the majority of the opportunity to show their own business platform. The logistics of their logistics services to express the price tag, the characteristics of their own services in-depth promotion, to enhance the brand influence at the same time expand the development of space. And logistics service providers in China also provide a strong support for logistics service providers, logistics service providers settled in the platform, will receive a variety of free logistics tools, such as vehicle freight management system, maritime cloud management system, warehouse management system, order management system Wait.
The future of China's logistics industry will enter a higher level of development stage, and presents some new trends and characteristics. The logistics industry will continue to expand rapidly, with the economic structure and industrial layout of the adaptability will be significantly enhanced; with the logistics market continues to expand, the division of labor within the logistics industry will be more and more fine; logistics industry development system environment will become increasingly standardized, Market order and environmental conditions will be further optimized. This is inseparable from a full-featured network platform support, the shipper would like to know what the card carrier company, just Internet search will be aware. It can be seen that if the logistics to have developed by leaps and bounds, absolutely no way to improve the network platform, which is inevitable.
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