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Set card transport business and storage capacity are quietly to the customer to bring more benefits
Now, the requirements of the storage are to low capacity development, but the actual situation of the freight is sales, customers are not allowed to immediately short positions. For logistics, transport enterprises are a test, which is related to the conditions of the storage environment is in line with our needs, especially in the card transport business, but also need attention, in addition to the cost of transport card is also the focus of attention.
China's warehousing industry has five systems:
(1) military warehousing industry. Storage of military supplies, in recent years is also partially open to the community.
(2) foreign trade warehousing industry. Storage of foreign trade and import materials, but also engaged in foreign trade production base of the general product circulation of storage and transportation.
(3) commercial, supply and marketing, grain storage and transportation industry. Collectively referred to as commercial storage and transportation industry, is the most widely distributed, storage and transportation of the largest species of storage and transportation industry, their card transport costs will apply to the public choice. Mainly bear the Department of commercial materials storage and transportation.
(4) material storage and transportation industry. Is China's production system of professional storage and transportation industry. Mainly for the storage and transit of national distribution, regional distribution, market circulation of various means of production, is a huge storage and transportation system.
(5) Township storage and transportation industry. Is China's warehousing industry in recent years, a new army, mainly concentrated in the port and large transport hub near, mainly engaged in storage business.
China's storage and distribution industry productivity distribution is: the military storage and transportation industry in addition to the military area is relatively concentrated, there are a considerable number of scattered in the mountains, scattered, hole areas, storage and transportation capacity, there is a certain capacity for the community.
The productivity of foreign trade and storage and transportation industry is mainly distributed in foreign trade port areas, from foreign trade regulation, storage role.
Commercial storage and transportation (including grain storage and transportation), there are a number of large regional storage and transportation companies, storage capacity almost all over the provinces, cities, land, and even in rural areas, towns, widely distributed, but mainly concentrated in large city.
Material storage and transportation industry in the country set up by the regional storage and transportation companies, at the same time have large warehouses. General storage and transportation warehouse is also distributed to the provinces, municipalities, and rural and rural less.
Sometimes we are concerned about what is the card shipping company, but also pay attention to their storage conditions, how to set the cost of transport card, compared to find the right. Transport for the enterprise is a very important piece of cost, but also very critical to win the customer's key points. Business leaders to go to fake true, to seize the key, as far as possible to improve the efficiency of warehousing and transportation, but also the equivalent of taking care of both the interests of both customers and carriers.

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