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Yuanxin Logistics of dangerous goods logistics has many years of experience in import operations, including various types of flammable solids, oxidizers, organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, corrosive substances, etc., to provide you with the most secure, fast import of dangerous goods logistics . Strong advantage reflects:

1, according to the different types of goods, with 2-3 of your dangerous goods operations with extensive experience in service commissioner, real-time tracking import shipment, the manifest information, document the situation, clearance speed.
2, also has a huge list of dangerous goods as well as detailed MSDS database.
3, professional one-stop help for dangerous goods transport permits, road management and the Public Security Bureau for approval procedures.
4, safe, reliable transportation fleet tonnage of dangerous goods with a variety of box-type trucks and truck vehicles.

In addition, cosmetics, paint, glue, packaging materials, additives and other non-hazardous chemical products, the source also has a very professional Xin logistics operation skills:

1, with more than 10 years experience in logistics and customs classification of the elite to provide professional classification proposal.
2, features a variety of chemical products are familiar, to avoid all kinds due to operation such as: hydrolysis of phthalic anhydride with water resulting in unnecessary losses.
3, all kinds of rich experience in the regulatory agency documents, such as: paint for the record, 3C, cosmetic labels audit.
4, large amount of plastic containers plastics raw materials, work experience and other particles.

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