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seaborne exports:
responsible for all port tariffs, booking, document operation; port of destination, customs clearance, door to door, and other requirements of the business.

General chemicals, dangerous goods:
professional chemical agents and the general declaration of dangerous goods, approval class, play drag wrapped film-to-door, customs clearance, etc. stop the agent service.

Special box:
addition to normal container outside, in freezers, GOH, special containers (open top, frame, semi-open, tanks, boxes, etc.) how the field family co-owner, route complete.

Bulk bulk:
engaged in bulk cargo shipping and foreign trade (professional carrier of coal, grain, ore, steel, cement and machinery and equipment and other large stray goods), leasing, transportation, covering Japan and South Korea Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and domestic ports.

Warehousing services:
packing stack space 1000 square meters, cargo storage area of 5600 square meters, canopy area of 600 square meters

operating facilities:
dedicated container forklifts with 36 tons 3 tons, 8 tons 15 sets of various types of forklifts

24-hour train service:
export built-in , import distribution, cargo storage, pallets, packing, brush marks, inspection sampling

air freight:
engaged in international and domestic cargo and general cargo transport agents customs and transit country.

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